Tuesday, 28 April 2009


I know it is daft to be nervous about shows when you're grade 1 and have nothing to lose, but I can't help it. Molly is more beanful and mischevious than ever and has stopped listening again, we are seriously unprepared following a week away with no training. I am continuously disappointed by my poor (and what often seems like lazy) handling, but I do try.

For inspiration and tips I've been watching some of Nat's videos with Kai, she has a nice handling style! Must remember Malcolm's advise .... you are doing this for FUN!! Still Nat's gorgeous pics of Ham put a smile on my face, he looks fab!

Leah, bring on the wine!

The Lakes!

Well, we all had a fantastic time in the Lake District! Molly (despite plentiful pilchards) has dropped the few pounds I'd managed to get on her! Even bigger dinners I think.

This little dog has the most incredible stamina, and wasn't phased by fell walking!

Not quite sure how UKA and Vyne came round so quickly. They seemed so far away when we signed up! Ooopps.