Sunday, 13 September 2009

8 Paws in the Park.

In between working I took my two to Paws in the Park today, for two reasons (a) more Fin socialisation (b) unnecessary dog bed shopping. Both aims achieved! Fin improves every day, OK he did flip out a couple of times but with a good telling off followed by a clear positive instruction he would go straight back to his lovely little self. He clearly found the whole thing exhausting as he slept for the rest of the day. Molly & Fin both sat and watched the agility without any barking, twisting or Labrador lunging! Very good indeed.
Back to training this week. Trying really hard to get my act together with Molly as I see how much potential she has, just need to coordinate ourselves! Little Fin had his first session and I was very pleased with his response, lots of homework though! xx

Monday, 7 September 2009


KC Festival - no weaves
DINAS - no contacts at all, some weaves
Prestbury Park - no waits, no A-frames, nice weaves (minus 1).

Our 1st clear round in a while (Prestbury Park) was the most hideous run we have ever done. I thought we'd been eliminated right at the start so I held her dog walk and achieved a few nose touches, and stopped her on the weaves to ensure she got them. Because we broke the course up she twirled after most jumps so i was shocked we went clear. They were placing to 20 and we were 21st in a 1-2 combined class, with almost the worst run ever! We concluded the weekend with officially the worst run ever - a real u-tube moment. I had to jump over her twice when she cut me up with no warning. She broke her wait - AGAIN and she lost it entirely on the weaves, deteriorated into Labrador madness by the 3rd attempt so we jumped our way out as quickly as possible. Her speed is awesome but oh so much work to do!

New Toys!