Monday, 20 September 2010

Labrador Legend!

Woop woop!! We did it, finished the season by winning up to Grade 3 which was the aim for this season. Molly was fantastic and particularly honest and responsive when I pushed her back across a long jump to a tunnel to avoid a cross behind that would have been challenging for me to execute! Contacts and weaves were excellent, she really is awesome and in a graded 1-3 agility she beat the winning grade 3 time too! We have a lot of work to do proofing our cross behinds and pushing to the bottom of contacts over the winter. Can't wait for new challenges next season!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Bad blogger!

Quick update before the season ends for us! Molly won into Grade 2 in spectacular fashion at Thames (yes, I know that was quite a while ago!). She won both agility runs that weekend, beating the grade 2 times in the graded class on the Sunday! So I felt confident it was not just a fluke! Since then she has continued to improve. I cannot describe how much I love this wonderful little Labrador, despite the frustrations of often poor handling and sometimes naughty Labrador antics which can make our runs so inconsistent, I really feel that she has improved in leaps and bounds this season. She qualified for the Starters Final at the KC International Festival, our 1st ever final! She took off like a rocket and hit the dog walk at such speed she lost her footing. Honest little dog that she is, she held on with 3 paws for as long as she could but lost her balance halfway across. Thankfully she wasn't hurt and in typical Moose style she started wagging her tail as soon as all 4 paws hit terra firma! At DINAS she won a very handley jumping course of Andrew Dicker's. I really had to use my brain which everyone knows can be challenging!! I do not believe we could have worked it any better, cross-behind after cross-behind she achieved beautifully. I was very proud of us both!

Mr. Fin remains a challenge but is showing great improvement, occasionally doing what is asked of him! He ran a few times at DINAS sometimes achieving one or two obstacles, other times visiting the photographer, judge, the fencing! I am confident (with great encouragement from Leah and Sian) that we will get it together but he is along way off right now. I must remember how far he has come in the last year and what a horrible start in life my little Irish boy had!

Fingers crossed for Stour this weekend. xxx

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Snowy Meerkat!

Finlay's yoga class!

I have been trying some balance exercises with Fin to improve his leg awareness!
He isn't quite confident enough to sit on the ball, but that is our ultimate aim!

Thursday, 8 October 2009

There's a moose, loose...

All action shots, thanks to Grace. xx
Beautiful as my labrador is normally, she definitely loses some of her looks in agility! xx