Sunday, 22 February 2009

A weavey weekend...

Well... we trained with Nancy on Saturday, usually a very successful experience. Unfortunately Molly and I were more than a little bit out of sync with each other. My lovely little Labrador doesn't really think for herself when it comes to Agility, so when I stop communicating with her she doesn't have a scooby doo what to do and we both get very frustrated.  After an excellent start with a tricky (for us) tunnel entry and some lovely jumping we continued our week of weave obsession and instead of completing a perfect set of right hand weaves as I expected we fluffed them.  I was so surprised as I finally thought she understood them. Several Hudson pep talks later Molly was back on form without any hissing, hand moving or other tricks. We also need to work on our cross behind, disastrous!!

WAG Feb 2009

Video poached from Leah! Thank you!

WAG Jan 2009 - First Show....