Sunday, 8 March 2009

C-Side 07/03/09

Molly's first trip to C-Side yesterday (I know one of the videos says C-Side but that was in fact WAG). She went clear in the starters jumping, we even managed to get a good time, but missed out on a place by a fraction of a second, but I'm sure we weren't the only ones!

She did everything I asked of her and I am very proud!

The other starters agility and both opens there were mistakes (mine, obviously) but she looked for her weaves - even coming straight out of a tunnel at top molly speed! She got the entry and didn't pop out until the second to last one and then corrected herself without any prompting from me! It was a really good effort! They took a few goes on the Open Agility but on the others they came together nicely. She is so nearly there!

She was a superstar yesterday, calm in the queues, listened to everything I asked and tried so hard to get it right. I could not have asked for her to work any harder, she was fab!

Contacts were there, not perfect, but no leaping off the A Frame, which has been a problem outside of her normal training environments.

Congratulations also to Bella the boxer for her clear rounds!

Thank you to Leah, Wendy and Nancy for all their guidance (especially weave-wise!)

Nancy - you'll be pleased to know I did not say "No" or "wrong" or "lazy" (<--- have stopped this, promise!) when she came out of the weaves on the open, we just walked back and went through again until she got them!
Congratulations to my hard working, honest little labrador! xx