Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Furries and the A Frame!

Well, Fin went to obedience last week but I haven't had any time to write about it! I thought socialisation with dogs that might actually complain if he hangs off their face would be good. The plan was to watch the 1st session but as they remembered me from Molly's early days they asked Fin and I to be the unknown person and dog the others have to meet as part of their KC Puppy Foundation. This was a success! As we were out in the hall we continued with the rest of the class. Fin was surprisingly brilliant! Although he didn't exactly walk to heel, he didn't wrench my arm out of its socket and was very controlled! His sit and flat were solid and his wait is really getting there. I expected him to completely lose his mind in a room full of strange dogs and people but he was fantastic!
Unfortunately work kept me from taking him this week, but we'll be back next week!
We were lucky enough to borrow someones field, complete with A frame and Dog walk for 20 minutes over the weekend, so Fin has experienced some equipment. Only on the lead but his response was definitely positive. His play biting of Molly and Me is diminishing but still needs constant corrections. All in all he has settled brilliantly and has the makings of a lovely little boy!
Molly got a quick go on the agility equipment too and did some lovely, smooth snakes and pull thrus, achieved with some excellent shoulder turning from me. Leah would've been proud!

Very cute boy, but oh so naughty!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Fin Update!

This Collie x ??? is the most loving (if a little crazy) dog. We have been working on "sit" still, which is now pretty solid and is offered frequently and also recalls on a long lead. His 1st walk across fields seemed to be the most mind blowing experience, he just loved it and even went for a little paddle in the river. There has also been a lot of walking up and down the road to try and address the car herding issue. He now tries to herd only 1 in 4 cars as opposed to every 1, so some progress! There seems to be a bit of an issue with soft furnishings - he thinks they all belong to him, but other than this he is settling in nicely. He knows where his bed is and even removes it from his crate to put it beside molly's bed rather than force his way onto hers! He is going to take a fair bit of work but I have no doubt he's worth it. x


Saturday, 9 May 2009

New Addition!

Introducing Fin!

What a day! Jonathan came with me to MTAR to meet Fin (formerly Joe) and we brought him home to join the other furries. He won't sit still long enough to take a good photo but he has a lovely colliesque face with a very odd shaped body! Jonathan I struggled to agree on any name as he said all my suggestions were too different. He has really taken to him so I let J name him (after rejecting just a few of his suggestions).

He is lovely, he wants to be friends with everybody. A little too friendly with Molly at times but she is doing a good job of telling him off. He has no manners and seems to know very little about the world but he travelled without a sound or an accident and seems very happy and content here. He has been to 3 houses, met about 10 people, a number of cats (including our 2) and some passing children who stopped to make a fuss of him, all meetings were a great success. This evening we learnt about TV, washing machines, toys, which seemed to be unknown to him but he is now playing nicely with some of Molly's rejected toys. He has also learnt "sit" and "get out of my kitchen"! He is currently asleep under the coffee table. First walk tomorrow and if he continues to handle this baptism of fire like a little trooper we may chance by the T Wells show. Molly is a little grumpy about this home invasion but is bearing it with her usual fortitude!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Some photos of clever dogs, chilling & having fun!

What a lot of lovely doggies! Hex and Molly loved playing together this weekend and Hexy was fascinated by the zoom on my camera (hence the extreme closeup)!!

Sun/Windburn & Rosettes!

Wow, 1st camping show for Molly Dog and I! I have succeeded in burning my face in Berkshire, something only a blonde could do. Molly was very sleepy on our return yesterday. This is her with her best rosettes. Two 10th place (over 100 dogs each class) in steeplechases and a 3rd in UKA Gamblers. The Labrador & the blonde's brain are both a little fried but we had a fantastic time and are looking forward to the next show that we can escape work for!
It turns out Vyne was not at all scary for us. I had failed to realise that the courses we run at training are so far beyond a KC Grade 1 that even I remembered the courses and although we didn't go clear in either, the knocked pole in jumping and the missed weaves (we repeated them until we got them right) were actually because she ran so fast and cornered so well and I didn't reign her in enough! The ABC Olympia was hysterical, I was so pleased that she offered a touch on the dog walk I completely forgot the rest of the course and giggled through a very shoddy 2nd half! All in all we had lots of fun and gained more invaluable experience. Thanks to Leah who let us crash in the caravan and apologies again that Molly cost you a night's sleep on Wednesday! xx