Thursday, 18 June 2009

Thames - 2nd ever KC Show - 4th place woo hoo!!

Yay Molly! 4th place in G1 Agility, out of 230 dogs! So thrilled with my clever girlie. So we are now eligible to enter the starters cup at KC Festival! Keen to get into Grade 2 so must keep up the momentum!
Thames was great fun, wine, sunshine & shopping - couldn't be more up my street! Thx to Leah & Jason for putting me up again! Definitely going tent shopping after pay day, promise!xx

Boot Camp 6th - 8th June 2009.

Boot Camp was awesome, thanks to Leah & Nancy and please do another one! Unfortunately I started the weekend exhausted, having worked very late the night before (definitely try to avoid that next year!) Molly was ace, worked well, despite one or two moments of Labrador brain tiredness (there were many more blond brain tired moments!)
Mr. Fin was exhausting but loves to learn. Good behaviour so quick to learn, but correcting preexisting bad habits - A nightmare!!!! Fin camped well, despite a thunder storm he seemed quite happy. Good practice for Thames wk-end!

What a beautiful Giraffe!

6th - 8th June!